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Doors Like This Don’t Open Very Often

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You’ll Want A Seat At This Table

Successful businesses are built on insightful conversations. If you can access insider perspectives and combine them with proven frameworks, you have everything you need to create a competitive advantage. What would you do for a chance to be a part of those conversations? The Room Where It Happens is that chance -- your invitation from Greg Isenberg to join a community designed to open the door and give you a seat at the table.

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Greg Isenberg
Big Doors

Greg Isenberg

Builds internet communities

Greg is the co-founder and CEO of Late Checkout, a product studio, fund and agency that designs, creates and acquires community-based technology businesses. He is also an advisor to Reddit.
Previously, Greg was Head of Product Strategy at WeWork and a Growth Advisor at TikTok. Prior to that role, he was the Founder and CEO of 5by, a leading video discovery app which was acquired by StumbleUpon.
Early in his career, he helped build one of the internet's most popular financial education communities Wall Street Survivor (acquired).

Greg has helped build communities and technology products for brands like Microsoft, FedEX, NASCAR, TechCrunch and Wordpress. His work has garnered praise and recognition: he has been featured in Vanity Fair, Forbes, Mashable, Fortune Magazine, L.A Times and has won multiple webby awards, for his outstanding work.


The Room Where It Happens will help you understand how the trends of today shape the opportunities of tomorrow. It’s a community that puts you in the conversation so you can leverage intuitive frameworks for analyzing problems, identify game-changing opportunities, and master decision-making. More importantly, it’s a place where you can interact with the brightest entrepreneurial minds to distill the lessons that become winning ideas and businesses.

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